Stone Carving Courses 2018

  I’ve had a flurry of enquiries lately about my stone carving courses, so thought I’d better do an update. Both my Spring and Autumn Courses are now fully booked, so if you would like to spend a weekend learning stone carving, please contact me and I can pop you on a reserve list, or […]

Storm Eleanor on Lastingham Ridge

  I love this view – right there in the middle of the picture is a tree and if you follow down into the valley beneath, you find Lastingham village and my workshop.  The trees on the skyline to the right are the very ones I look up at and which create a backdrop curve […]

Best Wishes for the New Year

    Happy New Year       I seem to be leaving the year with a flourish – YOU Magazine have featured my little marble vases in their interiors section today – so in the spirit of, as they put it, ‘restrained glamour’ I wish you a sparkly and happy 2018.      

Murder in the Cathedral

  This evening I stepped out to the ‘theatre’ – a lantern lit pathway led to  Murder in the Cathedral, a play in two parts.  Part One – The scene is the Archbishop’s Hall, December 2nd 1170.  Part Two – Starts in the Archbishop’s Hall and ends in the Cathedral on December 29th, 1170. The […]

Happy Christmas

  Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas     and a huge thankyou for all your support this year!          

Winter berry sky

  Today I felt the glorious warmth of the sun – it shone beauty on the berries, and everything.  Such a welcome thawing round the edges after days of deep frosts and minus temperatures.   All too soon it slunk away (forgiven its exit for magnificently glowing in the high colour of winter berries).   […]

Some they fly, and some they swim

  After the birds, a fish family.      

Zebra Rock Birds

  It isn’t often that I have red dust around, but I’ve been working on the Zebra Stone, making a couple of birds.  The colouring and patterns are so unusual in this rock that I wanted to get the markings in the right places for the bird shapes – the splodges of red certainly influence […]

A pot for a baby Pilea

  I’ve just bought myself one of these sweet little plants – its a Pilea Peperomioides (or you may know it by its other names Chinese Money Plant, or Pancake Plant).  It has rather squishy, rubbery leaves, growing on vigorous plump stems.  Here it is in one of my stone pots.  It is going join […]

The Yews are filled with birds

  I’ve just watched Goldcrest, but Blackbirds, Thrushes, Fieldfare and Greenfinches are turning up too.  They’re stripping the Yew Tree of its fruits.  Unlike many conifers, the common yew does not actually bear its seeds in a cone.  Instead each seed is enclosed in a red, fleshy, berry-like structure known as an aril, which is […]