Carving Dolomite Marble

  This is a new stone for me.  It has an amazing texture of large, rather flaky crystals which catch the light and sparkle. The crystals of dolomite have light reflecting curved faces which gleam, glint and shine with a sugary twinkle as I’m carving.  They seem to behave rather erratically in response to the […]

Heard but not seen … until now

  Just the other day I saw a Grasshopper for the first time ever – I hear them a lot and follow the sound, which, when I get close, stops.  It then starts up again nearby.  I’ve stalked grasshoppers, lain in wait, scanned from a distance with binoculars but never before been lucky. If I’m […]

Autumn Sculpture Trail

  RHS Garden Harlow Carr looked magnificent yesterday when I delivered my pieces for the Autumn Sculpture Trail. There are around 40 sculptures placed around the garden and the RHS have published a Trail map so you can find them all.  My pieces are along the streamside, in a little cluster near one another – […]

In the workshop today – finishing touches

  I’ve been putting finishing touches to my Cuckoo sculpture so it will be ready for the Wildlife Sculpture exhibition at RHS Garden Harlow Carr in Harrogate which I’m setting up tomorrow. As can happen with carving, the likeness and look of a piece can change in an instant on removal of the smallest chip […]

Shades of Yellow

  A wheat field and its boundary stone wall in matching August colourfulness. Weathered stone and the crackling and rustling of crops ripe for harvest.  I’m on a high from champagne and golden tones, of lemon, mustard, ochre, citrine and bright canary – all organised, perfectly balanced and matching in hue, bursting intensity, softness and […]

Wild Pig Sculpture

  Wild Pig sculpture carved in Serpentine (with a tan tail).      

Essential Form

  Essential Form is  opening on Sunday 27th August, 2017 at the White Fox Gallery in Coldstream and features my stone sculpture. Here are a couple of Flock members now polished and ready for delivery to the gallery.  There will also be stone carving and sculpture in steel, bronze and clay on show. Other sculptors […]

Art& York 2017 – your special invite

  I know it seems some time away, but in ‘stone sculpture making’ terms it is no time at all so the event is firmly in my mind.  There are pieces I’ll be showing which visitors last year encouraged me to carve, so I’m looking forward to sharing these with you in October, but for […]

In the workshop – a group of birds

  I’m not sure how many birds make a flock, a few?  A group?  I’ve carved six stone birds for my flock.  Four in alabaster and two in soapstone.  Though similar, all are slightly different in the way they are flying. Gathered ready for final sanding and polishing.      


    Off-cuts getting on nicely. Such a pretty gathering of Alabaster, Soapstone and red Sandstone.