Spring Begins

  To celebrate the beginning of Spring today I’ve cut a few stems of flowering currant from the garden and brought them indoors.  I’m cheered and envigorated by the fresh new growth, and they smell gorgeous. Simple stone mini pot is now in the shop.        

Tranquility Garden update

  A little while ago I promised to share images of the Swan sculpture and Birdbath once they had been installed at the Tranquility Garden, Evesham Road Cemetary, Stratford upon Avon – so here they are. Yesterday I spent carving the feather motif on the plinths to complete the work for Hilary and her team […]

A Plantability of Pots

  I’ve been talking a lot about pots lately I know, but at this time of year they’re regularly on my making list.  Just knowing that they’ll be topped up with soil, carefully planted and contain a captivating growing display, means they are a joy to make. These ones are solid and rustic, the stone […]

Small round stone succulent planter

  I’m working on perfecting the curves and bowl shape of these little stone pots for succulents, and getting the rim just right. It is a slow and delicate task, but when each has its own little plant, the trials of working the stone are forgotten. Part of the appeal of succulents is their variety […]

Letter carved stone sundial

  Usually I use brass dials for the sundials I make, insetting them into the stone top, but recently I’ve been working on a rather special Wall Dial which has had all the detail carved into the stone. It was designed by Stephen Holehan and calculated for the exact location for the client, taking into […]

Stem Dwellings

  Or home for twigs, buds, blooms, posies, stalks – they also look rather well holding a feather or two. The trees are bursting with catkins and buds at the moment and tiny, delicate petals are emerging through the soil – I love to bring indoors some of these first signs of spring. I’ve carved […]

Nature’s favourite shape

  Is the hexagon nature’s favourite shape?  I keep seeing it, and the more I look, the more the six sides jump out at me.  It is quite a satisfying, solid shape – a stable shape. The Giant’s Causeway, honeycomb, tortoise or turtle shell, snowflake, flower shapes, poppy seeds – there are lots more examples. […]

Big Garden Birdwatch 2017

  The sun came out for my birdwatch, after days of cold grey.  The bird sound is spring-like. Spotting and recording the birds is the easy bit – I hope to sketch them as I see them during my count, which I find is quite a challenge.  Particularly the Nuthatch as it sneaks off behind […]

A gift for a garden and its birds

  Earlier in the year I watched a robin visit my Birdbath here at the workshop – it perched on the edge, bobbing and flicking its wings.  I thought at first it was in distress.  Then it flew, without drinking or bathing. Moments later it returned with three other birds – all newly fledged robin […]

Swan Sculpture

  Yesterday I delivered my swan sculpture to Stratford-upon-Avon, along with two large stone plinths, one for the swan, and another for a bowl-shaped birdbath which is also for the garden. They are for a newly built Tranquility Garden,  designed by Spartacus Landscape Gardens for Stratford Town Council. I feel so proud of my sculpture […]