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Recumbent Rabbit

  There are four favoured digging spots for the rabbits at my workshop, each showing regular fresh excavation and soil scattering.  One is behind the greenhouse and leads under the hedgerow, another (shallow) is at my bonfire site, a third at the corner of, and into, my stone store shed, and the last out in […]

Spring Begins

  To celebrate the beginning of Spring today I’ve cut a few stems of flowering currant from the garden and brought them indoors.  I’m cheered and envigorated by the fresh new growth, and they smell gorgeous. Simple stone mini pot is now in the shop.        

Ground Bird

  I’ve been watching ground feeding birds, it astonishes me how acute their vision is and how quickly they peck up tasty morsels.  There have been lots of blackbirds feeding in wet ground nearby, pulling worms – they sort of bird prance about, looking with focused intent, then dart forward head down, wings hunched, tugging […]

Art& show – York 2017

    In October last year I showed my sculpture at The Art Market in York, which was a very busy and successful event, so I was hoping I would be selected again this year.  Since that time the artists who organise the exhibition have been really busy, they’ve grown, with exciting changes and new […]

Tranquility Garden update

  A little while ago I promised to share images of the Swan sculpture and Birdbath once they had been installed at the Tranquility Garden, Evesham Road Cemetary, Stratford upon Avon – so here they are. Yesterday I spent carving the feather motif on the plinths to complete the work for Hilary and her team […]

Hand Carved Stone House Name Plaque

  Hand carved and lettered house name plaque in sandstone.   I’ve been busy carving breezes in trees, tiny leaves and a lightly flittering bird.      

Eye-catching spring sunshine

  The view from my workshop.  Sometimes you have to just down-tools, pause and let in the beauty of your surroundings. From inside the workshed I was aware of it, a light change of sudden dramatic intensity, it flowed in and over everything, a dazzling spectacle cast in green and gold.  I felt the weight […]

A Plantability of Pots

  I’ve been talking a lot about pots lately I know, but at this time of year they’re regularly on my making list.  Just knowing that they’ll be topped up with soil, carefully planted and contain a captivating growing display, means they are a joy to make. These ones are solid and rustic, the stone […]

Date Stone

  Date stones appear on all types of buildings, on farms, humble dwellings, and major country houses.  They can also be found on industrial, civic and ecclesiastical buildings, varying from a simple inscription carved into the lintel above a door, to elaborate plaques built into the wall or gable. Often, on domestic and agricultural buildings […]

Things I like about the Art Gallery at Ryedale Folk Museum

  About a month from now the Art Gallery at Ryedale Folk Museum will be opening our exhibition RyeScape.  The pieces I’ll be showing have already been selected by the gallery, so I’m not in a making frenzy in the build-up, but I still feel excited about it.  Partly that comes from looking forward to […]