Out and About

View with Stone

  I sat on this stone – it was warm from the morning’s sun – and took in the view whilst eating lunch.  An excursion to explore an old quarry site, now overgrown with saplings, bramble and wild flowers.  I disturbed a deer, surprised a Tawny Owl, watched rabbits scamper and squirrels scurry.  Butterflies basked […]

North Yorkshire Turtle Dove Project

    The beautiful Turtle Dove is our smallest European dove. This tiny power house of a bird flies 7000 miles to reach North Yorkshire from Mali in Africa each spring. Unfortunately Turtle Doves are in big trouble; their population has declined in both the UK and Europe to such an extent there may now […]

Spring Rituals

  Have you heard of the Elephant Bird? These cameo-engraved glass eggs by Gillies Jones are a new collection of pieces principally inspired by the eggs of the now extinct Elephant Bird.  Each glass egg explores the patterns made by the reassembly of their fossilised giant eggs. The fragmented patterns are universal in their structure, […]

Lastingham in the UK Heritage Awards

  Last week the prestigious ceremony in London of the UK Heritage Awards 2018 named its winners.   The awards recognise the best places to stay, finest historic houses, gardens, museums and heritage sites in the UK. Castle Howard in North Yorkshire was the winner of the Great Places to Eat award, but so well […]

Storm Eleanor on Lastingham Ridge

  I love this view – right there in the middle of the picture is a tree and if you follow down into the valley beneath, you find Lastingham village and my workshop.  The trees on the skyline to the right are the very ones I look up at and which create a backdrop curve […]

Murder in the Cathedral

  This evening I stepped out to the ‘theatre’ – a lantern lit pathway led to  Murder in the Cathedral, a play in two parts.  Part One – The scene is the Archbishop’s Hall, December 2nd 1170.  Part Two – Starts in the Archbishop’s Hall and ends in the Cathedral on December 29th, 1170. The […]

Direct Carving in Stone

  Direct carving, carving direct – ever since I picked up my first hammer and chisel I’ve been working stone in this way.  I didn’t know it had a name, or that at one time it was considered revolutionary.  I just took for granted it was the way sculpture came into being and was how […]

Shades of Yellow

  A wheat field and its boundary stone wall in matching August colourfulness. Weathered stone and the crackling and rustling of crops ripe for harvest.  I’m on a high from champagne and golden tones, of lemon, mustard, ochre, citrine and bright canary – all organised, perfectly balanced and matching in hue, bursting intensity, softness and […]

Sunny Bank Mills Gallery

  Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley, near Leeds was originally founded by a group of local clothiers in 1829 when they invested together to purchase land and build a woollen scribbling (combing and carding) and fulling (scouring and milling) mill. It has quite a history – in 1882 the majority share-holder Edwin Woodhouse became the […]

Stone Carving Workshop

  On Saturday I was at the Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes running a stone carving workshop.   It is lovely to see when someone starts to get the feel of the mallet and chisel, and gains confidence with their carving.  I saw lots of this from nervous starters, imagining they would damage the stone, […]