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The Story of Star Carr

  Last night I joined the Appleton History Group for one of their evening talks given by Professor Nicky Milner from York University. Star Carr:  An early Mesolithic site at Seamer, near Scarborough Star Carr is a Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) archaeological site, dating to around 9000 BC, just centuries after the end of the […]

My favourite symbol

  Most of us I think like to set off on little expeditions to seek out the new or adventure close to home.  Walking explorations nearby are my favourites.  I like to get the map out and plan a little route, usually there are features marked – old workings, a monument – I like to […]

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust – work day

  Yesterday I spent a brilliant time with a group of volunteers at Appleton Mill Farm on one of the conservation work days with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.  The Farm is managed in partnership with the Trust and the day’s work involved clearing a steep, wooded, muddy bank of all the scrub and branches left […]


  I’m looking forward to this evening, when the new moon, or ‘supermoon’ will show itself in the night sky.  Because of our planetary positioning it will apparently appear larger to us here on earth than it has done for many years, in fact since 1948.  To ward off cloud-cover I’ve taken my moonstones out […]

Stone, a bird, and a man in a top hat

  This stone is an example of 19th century rock art (graffiti) at an ironstone industrial railway site in the North York Moors – it shows a man in a top hat, and a bird.  Someone has spent time in carefully carving out this image, it is no idle sketch, there are charming details, feathers […]

Stone in some form

  What a brilliant episode this week’s Gardeners’ World was (did you see it?) and quite a treat when Joe Swift visits Chelsea gold medal winner and stonemason Martin Cook to see how he uses contemporary rock sculpture within his Buckinghamshire garden. So much talk of stone – I watched eagerly – rockeries, incised stone, […]

Lovely Ling

    The heather on the North York Moors just now is breathtaking – I love the deep honey-sweet, woody smell.  There are hints of peat too and occasionally the wind blows over the aromatic scent of Bog-myrtle.     The senses are filled up, long stretching views of purple hue, a distinctive atmospheric light, […]

My Highlights from Rosedale Show

  A quick scurry round the show first thing before the gate opened and once I’d set up ready for stone carvers – tractor treats, an adorable blue-eyed alpaca, the produce tent – superb vegetables, bovine beauty and a magnificent horse! Stone Carvers   Vintage Tractors   In the Produce Tent   Livestock     […]

Rosedale Show

  Tomorrow is Rosedale Show – this annual event is run by the Rosedale & District Agricultural, Horticultural and Industrial Society.  The show is held in the most beautiful setting in Rosedale Abbey in the Milburn Arms field and has all the wonders and treats of a traditional village agricultural show. My little marquee will […]

Stone Carving at Rural Arts

  Rural Arts are based in Thirsk in the town’s former Courthouse and Magistrate’s House which was renovated, making a bright creative centre for the area. As well as the activties hosted at The Courthouse, it is also used as a base for a range of workshops and events which are taken out into the […]