Some they fly, and some they swim

  After the birds, a fish family.      

Zebra Rock Birds

  It isn’t often that I have red dust around, but I’ve been working on the Zebra Stone, making a couple of birds.  The colouring and patterns are so unusual in this rock that I wanted to get the markings in the right places for the bird shapes – the splodges of red certainly influence […]

It snowed, it snowed a lot!

    It is still snowing!           There are just four birds remaining, from my piece called Flock, carved in the purest ‘white as snow’ alabaster – now in my shop.          


  They’re short carving days at the moment.  Heavy overnight frosts take time to thaw, if at all, temperatures not getting much above freezing.  Before I know it the sun is going down behind the hill at the back of the workshop and there’s no light left to work in.  Today though I managed to […]

Autumn leaf forms

  Over the last week or so I’ve stopped more than once to look more closely at a bird, apparently floundering in the road, I’ve seen one on the verge too.  Yesterday I saw a mouse leap up and then lie still.  When I get close it is a leaf, brown birdlike, flip, rock, fall […]


  I’ve been working on a series of maquettes for a piece called Plume – this is one of them carved in Portland Limestone. I become rather fond of these models, they are a collection of open, honest, sometimes unresolved, sometimes unfinished, experimental trial runs.  They teach me a lot about what needs further work, […]


  A sculpture of two birds carved in Tadcaster Limestone – I love the spotting of colour in the tails of each bird, and it also appears lightly on their heads too.  Such delicate mottling, which I think lends Twosome a gentle grace. I’ve sanded the birds smooth to give a fine finish. This pair […]

Tall-tailed Bird

  Here is my sculpture Tall-tailed Bird, carved in Cornish Soapstone – the one I was sanding the other day.  The sculpture is now finished and polished ready for my exhibition at the weekend. Art& York exhibition –  Friday 27,  Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October, 2017 – I’m on Stand No. 83. Look forward […]

In the Workshop – sanding my heart out

  There are no shortcuts with sanding – it just has to be done if I want a flawlessly smooth surface.  This bird sculpture will be polished, so if I’m not thorough I’ll be found out. As I work through the grades of abrasive I’m feeling the finish as much as seeing it, finger tips […]

On seeing your sculpture of an otter

  A wonderful thing happened to me the other day.  Some days are like that, out-of-the-blue loveliness which brings smiles and big happiness. It is otter related. A lady, Isobel Thrilling, sent me a poem she had written in response to seeing my Otter sculpture – I asked her if I could share it, as […]