In the Workshop – sanding my heart out

  There are no shortcuts with sanding – it just has to be done if I want a flawlessly smooth surface.  This bird sculpture will be polished, so if I’m not thorough I’ll be found out. As I work through the grades of abrasive I’m feeling the finish as much as seeing it, finger tips […]

On seeing your sculpture of an otter

  A wonderful thing happened to me the other day.  Some days are like that, out-of-the-blue loveliness which brings smiles and big happiness. It is otter related. A lady, Isobel Thrilling, sent me a poem she had written in response to seeing my Otter sculpture – I asked her if I could share it, as […]

Two Birds sculpture

    I’ve been working on the two birds sculpture Side by Side, finishing off their heads and smoothing their roundy bodies, so they’re ‘birthed’ proper now.          

Side by Side

  The stages of carving a sculpture are always good to record – I rather like looking back at progress and seeing just how far I’ve come – something to show for my aching hands! This is a sculpture of two birds together.  Initially I thought they might be a pair, each an individual carving, […]

Direct Carving in Stone

  Direct carving, carving direct – ever since I picked up my first hammer and chisel I’ve been working stone in this way.  I didn’t know it had a name, or that at one time it was considered revolutionary.  I just took for granted it was the way sculpture came into being and was how […]

Bird with a long tail

  A little while ago  I showed you progress of Long-tailed bird on my workbench being carved – the finished sculpture sits next to me now looking out of the window at a rather blustery day. I’ve just been updating my website to include Long Tailed Bird, so you can see the final piece and […]

Hand Carved Lettering v machined

  Usually it is the mass produced, machine method and tooling that seeks to emulate the skill, beauty and craftsmanship of hand carved lettering in stone. Many methods are used, sandblasting, routing, and robots with special diamond tips rotating at super-fast speeds, but I’m not sure they quite replace me and my chisel just yet, […]

Heard but not seen … until now

  Just the other day I saw a Grasshopper for the first time ever – I hear them a lot and follow the sound, which, when I get close, stops.  It then starts up again nearby.  I’ve stalked grasshoppers, lain in wait, scanned from a distance with binoculars but never before been lucky. If I’m […]

Autumn Sculpture Trail

  RHS Garden Harlow Carr looked magnificent yesterday when I delivered my pieces for the Autumn Sculpture Trail. There are around 40 sculptures placed around the garden and the RHS have published a Trail map so you can find them all.  My pieces are along the streamside, in a little cluster near one another – […]

Wild Pig Sculpture

  Wild Pig sculpture carved in Serpentine (with a tan tail).