Bird Sculpture Book

  In fact it is a monograph on sculptor Geoffrey Dashwood which I’m reading at the moment.  It is a magnificent and illuminating book.  The sculptor himself has written sections which for me, makes it doubly inspiring. It is a book of brilliance and filled with exceptional sculpture, it heaps such a surge of beauty […]

As a postscript to stuff Siberian

    It still blows in – but now I’ve forgotten about the cold.  Thoughts are sculpture. There are contemporary sculptors from Siberia, as well as the ancient Scythian ones.  I’ve discovered Dashi Namdakov – and I’m enchanted – mesmerised.   His words ‘We shall not run away from our roots, from the forces of […]

The Siberian blast

    I’m feeling it here.  The snow is light and dry, easily blown up by the wind to sting my face.  As the next white blizzard streaks past my workshop door, I’m getting a glimpse of what it is like for Siberian sculptors!  It brings to mind treasure buried in the Siberian permafrost and […]

Snowy stoat

  Many layered this morning as the forecast was for really cold, glad too, as it was blizzarding at the workshop, and into the workshop!  Snow gets in through the smallest gaps and holes, and seems to go round corners to find its way in and I can’t clear surfaces quickly enough. The downfalls are, […]

Working on Bird likenesses

  Watching birds gives me such pleasure and getting to recognise their calls and markings is an ongoing joy, as is getting to know their nature, typical behaviour and characteristics after identifying them. When coming to work on a sculpture of a particular bird, knowing its nature and ‘spirit’ – or rather being able to […]

Some they fly, and some they swim

  After the birds, a fish family.      

Zebra Rock Birds

  It isn’t often that I have red dust around, but I’ve been working on the Zebra Stone, making a couple of birds.  The colouring and patterns are so unusual in this rock that I wanted to get the markings in the right places for the bird shapes – the splodges of red certainly influence […]

It snowed, it snowed a lot!

    It is still snowing!           There are just four birds remaining, from my piece called Flock, carved in the purest ‘white as snow’ alabaster – now in my shop.          


  They’re short carving days at the moment.  Heavy overnight frosts take time to thaw, if at all, temperatures not getting much above freezing.  Before I know it the sun is going down behind the hill at the back of the workshop and there’s no light left to work in.  Today though I managed to […]

Autumn leaf forms

  Over the last week or so I’ve stopped more than once to look more closely at a bird, apparently floundering in the road, I’ve seen one on the verge too.  Yesterday I saw a mouse leap up and then lie still.  When I get close it is a leaf, brown birdlike, flip, rock, fall […]