One day I’ll carve a goose sculpture

  Just the other day a customer asked me if I had ever carved a goose sculpture and I had to reply that I hadn’t, though I really have meant to for many years.   I’ve said ‘one day I will’ too often.  For anyone who knows me I won’t need to explain, but I’m […]

A Sketchbook – unfettering ideas

  When I saw the pencil and crayon drawings they gave me goose-bumps – these were preparatory sketches by Eric Gill, Gaudier-Brzeska and Epstein whose work was brought together in the exhibition Wild Things at the Royal Academy some years ago. Being up close to these studies felt intimate, a glimpse into the genius of […]

Tawny Owl Sculpture

  The Tawny Owls here are noisy at the moment.  Their calls are really quite musical, I’m hearing a number of different ‘hoots’, which is not surprising given it is their breeding season.  The familiar hooting of the male has several functions – as a territorial call, a courtship call and also an announcing call […]

Spring Stone Carving Course

  Over the weekend Lastingham  rang with the sound of stone carvers – all busy on my Spring Stone Carving Course held in village. I know I’m repeating myself by saying how delighted and astonished I am about the ability of first time carvers, but just look at what was achieved in the allocated two […]

York Minster Stone Carving Festival 2018

  I heard yesterday from the Stoneyard at York Minster that I have been allocated a place at the York Minster Stone Carving Festival 2018.  This will be a new experience for me as I haven’t carved at a Festival before, or for that matter, ever attended one. It is an international Stone Carving Festival, […]

Fog and Fox

    Still blanketed in fog here, as earlier in the week – but today feels so different.  I’ve shut out the damp, cloudy feeling and I’m getting close and personal with a fox. I’m thinking of Jim Crumley and his book Encounters in the Wild – Fox  as he writes so exceptionally about meeting […]

Fog and Fish

  A foggy start this morning, making everything seem heavy and cold.  I know it will clear soon enough, as there’s a warmer, brighter beaming of the background sun, which will shine and clarify. Sometimes carving feels like this, a shrugging off required of all superfluous stone, which weighs the shape down, a dense enclosure.  […]

In the Workshop today – a Stare of Owls

  The collective name most often used for owls is a Parliament – but I discovered there are many others, less well known, like Stare, what about Hooting, or Looming.  They seem to make more sense to me.  A Stooping, or Diss are suitably descriptive as well, or there’s a Wisdom of Owls. Anyway I’m […]

Bird Sculpture Book

  In fact it is a monograph on sculptor Geoffrey Dashwood which I’m reading at the moment.  It is a magnificent and illuminating book.  The sculptor himself has written sections which for me, makes it doubly inspiring. It is a book of brilliance and filled with exceptional sculpture, it heaps such a surge of beauty […]

As a postscript to stuff Siberian

    It still blows in – but now I’ve forgotten about the cold.  Thoughts are sculpture. There are contemporary sculptors from Siberia, as well as the ancient Scythian ones.  I’ve discovered Dashi Namdakov – and I’m enchanted – mesmerised.   His words ‘We shall not run away from our roots, from the forces of […]