Direct Carving in Stone

  Direct carving, carving direct – ever since I picked up my first hammer and chisel I’ve been working stone in this way.  I didn’t know it had a name, or that at one time it was considered revolutionary.  I just took for granted it was the way sculpture came into being and was how […]

Carving Dolomite Marble

  This is a new stone for me.  It has an amazing texture of large, rather flaky crystals which catch the light and sparkle. The crystals of dolomite have light reflecting curved faces which gleam, glint and shine with a sugary twinkle as I’m carving.  They seem to behave rather erratically in response to the […]

Heard but not seen … until now

  Just the other day I saw a Grasshopper for the first time ever – I hear them a lot and follow the sound, which, when I get close, stops.  It then starts up again nearby.  I’ve stalked grasshoppers, lain in wait, scanned from a distance with binoculars but never before been lucky. If I’m […]

Wild Pig Sculpture

  Wild Pig sculpture carved in Serpentine (with a tan tail).      


    Off-cuts getting on nicely. Such a pretty gathering of Alabaster, Soapstone and red Sandstone.      

Four Feathered

  My latest bird sculpture is called Four Feathered and carved in Tadcaster Limestone. This stone just loves the moorland colours, soft light and peaty shadows, which are the magic of the North York Moors at this time of year.  Here Four Feathered sits filled with heather hues cast from the spreading purple, and blooms […]

A slither of swallow

  Well actually a slither of slate carved into a swallow – though this is the shape I see as they fly past my head and into the shed to their nest on the rafter.  Yesterday I heard the faintest chirp, more like a wheeze, and eventually discovered the source.  A tiny, wobbly, thin-necked, fresh-hatched […]

I love having stone in stock

  Today I took delivery of a pallet full of Hazeldean Sandstone from Hutton Stone – a couple of the blocks are for sculpture I’ve been commissioned to carve, and the rest will go into stock.  I’m absolutely thrilled with the markings in these pieces! I love the feeling of being surrounded by stone – […]


    Feeling much like this today!        

Harvestman Stone

  Pulling a slab of stone away from this block revealed an army of Harvestmen.  It doesn’t seem to be known why they congregate in such huge numbers – but there they were, tangling and falling over each other as they scurried out of my way. Though they look very much like spiders, having eight […]