View with Stone

  I sat on this stone – it was warm from the morning’s sun – and took in the view whilst eating lunch.  An excursion to explore an old quarry site, now overgrown with saplings, bramble and wild flowers.  I disturbed a deer, surprised a Tawny Owl, watched rabbits scamper and squirrels scurry.  Butterflies basked […]

The Shape of the Dawn Chorus

      Tomorrow I’m getting up early, really early.  Before dawn in fact, as it is International Dawn Chorus Day – a worldwide celebration of nature’s early morning music. The dawn chorus occurs when songbirds sing at the start of a new day.  It tends to be most noticeable in spring, when the birds […]

York Minster Stone Carving Festival 2018

  I heard yesterday from the Stoneyard at York Minster that I have been allocated a place at the York Minster Stone Carving Festival 2018.  This will be a new experience for me as I haven’t carved at a Festival before, or for that matter, ever attended one. It is an international Stone Carving Festival, […]

Stone adjusting to its new surroundings

  Last week a delivery of stone arrived and it was so cold and still snowing here, that I left it sitting. Today is such a pleasure unpacking, removing the wrapping and straps, letting it breathe and showing the blocks their new surroundings. I really appreciate when the quarry has taken the time to send […]

Sight and Touch

  It seems strange to me, but art history is littered with debate surrounding the idea that painting was better than sculpture. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be an issue today, at least I’ve never felt a lesser artist because I carve stone!  Indeed, some painters describe their work as sculpture – art, craft, creativity […]

Owl and Oak leaves

  I’m drawing out a design for a stone roundel to be carved with a Barn Owl in flight, oak leaves and a vole scuttling away to safety.  The sketches just make sure I’ve got all the details right before I begin carving.  The pencil lines are fairly simple, and are as a guide.  Sometimes […]

Happy Christmas

  Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas     and a huge thankyou for all your support this year!          

Some they fly, and some they swim

  After the birds, a fish family.      

Zebra Rock Birds

  It isn’t often that I have red dust around, but I’ve been working on the Zebra Stone, making a couple of birds.  The colouring and patterns are so unusual in this rock that I wanted to get the markings in the right places for the bird shapes – the splodges of red certainly influence […]

Where do you get your stone from?

  A question that has come up quite a few times during my recent exhibitions and shows is ‘where do you get your stone from?’ Usually I exhibit a range of sculpture, carved in different stones and so I describe the quarries, countrywide, I have visited to collect stone blocks for working. Selecting stone is […]