Dappled stone

  Sunlight is filtering through the leaves and flower buds of my apple tree onto my stone as I work.  We’re caught in a hypnotizing play of mottled light and dancing soft shadow. I’m spellbound by the shifting shapes spotting the stone, mingling, pattern-forming and wish I could carve quickly enough to capture their outlines.  […]

Owl Sculpture – carving progress

  My owl sculpture is beginning to take shape – from the initial drawing on the stone I carved out the rough shape and it is now ready to have some detail and refining. It is when the owl’s real character will emerge and when I make sense of the irregular surface, carve in the […]

Guiding lines to help me on my way

    In the workshop today – I’m beginning an owl sculpture. Before I start carving into the block of stone I quickly sketch an outline of my idea – the drawn lines act as a guide so I don’t take off stone where I shouldn’t! I’ll keep you updated as I go along.  

Date Stone

  Date stones appear on all types of buildings, on farms, humble dwellings, and major country houses.  They can also be found on industrial, civic and ecclesiastical buildings, varying from a simple inscription carved into the lintel above a door, to elaborate plaques built into the wall or gable. Often, on domestic and agricultural buildings […]

Letter carved stone sundial

  Usually I use brass dials for the sundials I make, insetting them into the stone top, but recently I’ve been working on a rather special Wall Dial which has had all the detail carved into the stone. It was designed by Stephen Holehan and calculated for the exact location for the client, taking into […]

Pure Heart

  A straightforward stone, shaped by wind and weather, tides and time. Nature smoothed and touched by pink, by me.  Handled.  Held.      

As light as a feather

  Sometimes when I’m unsure about how a carving will look, or indeed whether I can achieve the result I would like, I have little practice runs. In this case I’ve had a trial run carving a feather – I wanted it to look light, and floating – not a quill sort of feather, but […]

Red Bird

  These little treasures of red pebbles and my other thoughts on red stone recently, have inspired me to carve a piece of red sandstone that I had in the workshop.  It was a slim slither of quite course grained stone, with areas of differing textures and it somehow became a bird – Red Bird. […]

Not a befuddled fog

    A beautiful stone sits solid and quiet in a thick cloud of tiny water droplets.      

Earthy Oxides

  These tones come straight from a glowing summer sunset, or a fiery brick kiln.  The presence of iron-oxide on the stone’s outer surface is responsible for this hot amber blush. The drama and excitement of it is perhaps heightened by the calm, palest creamy-white serpentine stone, which is the solid inner of this block.  […]