Eye-catching spring sunshine

  The view from my workshop.  Sometimes you have to just down-tools, pause and let in the beauty of your surroundings. From inside the workshed I was aware of it, a light change of sudden dramatic intensity, it flowed in and over everything, a dazzling spectacle cast in green and gold.  I felt the weight […]

What is it with Mice and the colour Red?

    As the weather gets colder I find the little creatures start to come indoors – when I say indoors I mean the workshop.  I can tell, as they leave little brown tell-tale signs, and also footprints in the stone dust. Once I came to put my gloves on and found the fingers chewn […]

A Kestrel’s Chiding

  Have you ever been scolded by a Kestrel?  It is new to me – but there’s absolutely no doubt about it when it happens! This is the reason. A few days away from the workshop and wildlife has taken up residence – of course I’m delighted – but hadn’t expected it to be so […]

Winter Workshop

    My workshop this morning, in the first of the real winter frosts this year.  The light through the fog is spectacular.  My stone is cold.  I shudder and reflect on how wildlife survives such a freeze. Everything is cold. Gradually the sun pushes through the fog and my frosted workshop doors turn to […]

Lousy Watchman

  This morning I found a beetle on my workbench, quite a big beetle, about an inch in length and very magnificent.  It isn’t alive – I suppose must have been caught by a bird, who either dropped it or decided not to eat it – there are slight crush marks on its black shell, […]

Shapes of Autumn

  There’s a nip in the air this morning, and really for the first time this year I’ve noticed the browning and curling of leaves, ripening nuts and fruits, seedheads  and a real turning to Autumn. My little garden area at the workshop has given so much this year with fruit, flowers and vegetables – […]

Behind the Scenes

  Of course for me it is an every day scene – but The Art Market have made a series of short films as an introduction to artists exhibiting at their event The Art Market YORK. They visited me, along with One & Other Creative,  and I promised to show you the results …. Meet […]

In the Workshop today – making a film!

  It has been very exciting here, having One&Other Creative at the workshop filming.  They’re making a series of films of artists who are exhibiting at The Art Market YORK at the beginning of October.  The short videos will show artists’ workplaces, how their work is made and give a little insight and background – […]

North Yorkshire Open Studios 2017

  It seems like a long way ahead I know, but I wanted to share the good news I received today that I have been selected to be part of the North Yorkshire Open Studios event in 2017. I’ll keep you updated with NYOS17 preparations as time goes on, and in the run-up to opening […]

In the Workshop today – dry dust

  When I first started working stone I used to go to the stone-dressers’ sheds at the quarry and watch them working to see if I could glean any tips.  Hours of rythmic, neat facing of stone, pitched edges, punch faced walling and curved coping stones.  At the end of the day’s shift, tools were […]