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Lookout Bird

  Bird sculpture in sandstone. If you’re a Lookout Bird you need to be alert, have a long neck to stretch above the meadow grass for scanning, and possess  keenly watchful eyes.      

In the workshop – carving Long Tailed Bird

  Long Tailed Bird is in the finishing stages now – you’ll see the progress since I was rough shaping the sculpture the other day. Now concentrating on silky smooth finish and sharp feather detail.        

Heads or Tails

  In the workshop today I’m working both – putting detail into beak and bottom! I’m aiming to carve out the feather shapes in particular, a little on the wings, but especially on this bird’s rather elongated tail – the rump feathers are called rectrices.  The primary role of these feathers is to assist with […]

Flutter in Flowers

  The time of the singing of the birds is come, and flowers appear.   When I was carving this sculpture, which I call Flutter, I thought of it being in a garden surrounded by spring flowers. Flutter sculpture in Tadcaster Limestone – details in my brochure.      

Ground Bird

  I’ve been watching ground feeding birds, it astonishes me how acute their vision is and how quickly they peck up tasty morsels.  There have been lots of blackbirds feeding in wet ground nearby, pulling worms – they sort of bird prance about, looking with focused intent, then dart forward head down, wings hunched, tugging […]

Red Bird

  These little treasures of red pebbles and my other thoughts on red stone recently, have inspired me to carve a piece of red sandstone that I had in the workshop.  It was a slim slither of quite course grained stone, with areas of differing textures and it somehow became a bird – Red Bird. […]

Crow Country

    Most days they are my background sound, and sometimes I stop, sit, and take time to watch their flapping rise, fall and curving in the sky above the line of trees which form the view from my workshop.  Occasionally lone birds will caw and rattle at me from their perch at the top […]

Lapwing Sculpture

  I didn’t expect that this piece of Cobalt stone would become a Lapwing – I thought the colouring and patterning might suit something more abstract.  When thinking about sculpting a Lapwing I had imagined it in sandstone – then all of a sudden I saw this chunk of serpentine, not as a lump of […]

From the Rookery

  This bird sculpture is carved in Springstone (a hard Serpentine stone mined in Northern Zimbabwe) and I’ve called it Fumblefot. The piece of stone is actually an off-cut from a sculpture I previously carved (Fugol), and in a similar way I’ve retained the golden colouring at the outer edge, inside the stone turns to […]

A mate for Bamboo Bird

  This is Bamboo Bird II – although perhaps the sculpture ought to be called sunshine bird.  It has been glorious here and I’ve been working outside all week, today putting finishing touches and carving details into tail and beak. The sculpture is a partner for Bamboo Bird as promised – they’ve just met, and I’m […]